How to Build Your Own Country

Genre: Children


No of Pages: 40

Size: 183 x 234mm

Publication Date: October 2013


Why not start your own country? The kingdom of Jason! The federal republic of Katie! Let HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN COUNTRY be your guide to starting a nation from scratch. It’s as easy as 123...

        Step 1 Stake out your identity by creating a flag, writing a national anthem and putting your name on the map.

        Step 2 Run the country by holding elections, forming a government and laying down the law.

        Step 3 Meet the neighbors by joining international organizations and finding allies who will help you face the big issues of the world.

Just think: your own personal country! Even if it were only the size of a bathmat, it would be all yours! So grab a copy of
HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN COUNTRY, and get ready to rule!


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