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We set up Cassava Republic in 2006, after a few years of contemplation and planning.  African writers were being increasingly published and read overseas, with little knowledge or availability of this new wave of talent in Nigeria.  The conversation about African writing was taking place elsewhere. Something had to be done.

Ten years later, we are a small but established publishing brand, with a reputation for bringing out high quality fiction and non-fiction for adults and children alike.  While our base remains Abuja, Nigeria, last year we set up an office in London.  We are also planning to extend our reach into the US later this year.

Our mission is to change the way we all think about African writing.  We think that contemporary African prose should be rooted in African experience in all its diversity, whether set in filthy-yet-sexy megacities such as Lagos or Kinshasa, in little-known rural communities, in the recent past or indeed the near future.  We also think the time has come to build a new body of African writing that links writers across different times and spaces.

It’s therefore the right time to ask challenging questions of African writing - where have we come from, where are we now, where are we going?  Our role is to facilitate and participate in addressing these questions, as our list grows.  We are still just beginning.

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