Kemis Journal

‘With her debut novel, Nigerian writer Abidemi Sanusi has created a Christian Bridget Jones for whom the power of prayer, not partying, is what life is all about. The light tone of her confessional diary turns sharply from light to dark’. Reuters

‘Kemi’s Journal…surprised me with its grittiness and realism. Loose ends, hard decisions and painful resolutions keep this real to the very end.’ Christianity and Youthwork magazines

‘Fag in one hand, glass of wine in another, she was a desperate 30- something singleton who finally got her man. But a new Bridget Jones is about to hit the bookshops who doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and instead of celebrating her coital encounters, struggles with the morality of having sex. This is Bridget Jones the Christian version.’ Independent on Sunday

Bella Naija

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