Nairobi Heat

Review by author Toni Kan

Nairobi Heat reads like Shaft in Africa but this is an updated version, transplanted from the 70s to the 21st century; a time where .45 semi automatic weapons have given way to light weight Glocks and where the history of racism is amplified by memories of genocide. Ismael’s trip to Africa of lax rules and casual crimes is at once a journey of discovery and return with unintended consequences because as a character says “Only the traveller knows the road.”
Mukoma Ngugi’s novel recalls the best of the genre with subtle echoes of Elmore Leonard and James Hadley Chase propelling the fast paced narrative to a fitting and utterly unexpected denouement; one that redefines our concept of heroism - Toni Kan, author of Nights of the Creaking Bed.

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