Measuring Time

'Measuring Time confirms Habila as an exceptional voice in African literature... The novel's triumph is to allow hope to endure.' The Observer, London

"Habila... combines western literary archetypes with a much older, oracular style of African tale-telling in which the novel becomes part of the oral narrative tapestry of a particular community... Measuring Time is both a historical novel that "measures time" in the sense of comparing historical periods, and a psychological study of a man who must "measure up" to his brother and the critical demands of a society in crisis.”The Guardian, London

'Habila has packed a great deal into fewer than 400 pages, but he knows how to pace his narrative and it is enlivened by some wonderful writing...It contains a love story, tender but unresolved, and compassionate portraits of women in what remains a patriarchal culture . Above all, though, Habila fulfills his self-appointed task of demonstrating what human beings have in common, struggling to balance tradition and modernity, no matter where they live.' The Times, London.

Maya Jaggi, Guardian (UK)

Barcelona Review

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