Born On A Tuesday

“With brave, unflinching candor expressed through spare, unadorned prose, Elnathan John considers the rise of Islamic extremism in Nigeria as experienced by one young man. Anyone seeking to peer beyond the media's portrayals of Boko Haram must read this book, not because it offers a hopeful account but because it offers a human one.” Taiye Selasi, author of Ghana Must Go

“Elnathan John’s beautifully written novel is a moving and deeply felt debut from a writer of prodigious talent." Petina Gappah, author of The Book of Memory

“Elnathan John has penned a coming of age novel worthy of Twain. At times tragic, at times humorous, Born on a Tuesday is the story of those who find the courage to transcend violence even when born to its confines.” Elliot Ackerman, author of Green on Blue

"Elnathan John delves into the minutiae, the small beginnings of larger realities confronting our world today. This is the Northern Nigerian narrative we have been waiting for. It will stand as a testimony to these times.” Molara Wood, literary critic and author of Indigo

“Elnathan John’s first novel is an ambitious book that tackles modern Nigeria’s extremely complex religious landscape with great insight passion and humor by taking us deep into the mental and emotional space of the country's most neglected.” Uzodinma Iweala, author of Beasts of No Nation

“This powerful and gut-wrenching book is an unflinching look at the brutality wrought on the life of innocents by those vying for even small amounts of power.” Anmiryam Budner, Main Point Books, Bryn Mawr, USA

“Mesmerizing . . . [Dantala’s] journey from a lost boy to a position of remarkable authority in his mosque in Sokoto, Nigeria is powerfully moving and rich in period-specific detail  . . . This compelling debut novel, set during the time of Boko Haram uprising, is at once frightening and horrific yet also authentic and compassionate. Masterful.” Jenny Lyons, The Vermont Bookshop, USA

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