The Fishermen

“… a metaphorical allusion to the struggles of Nigeria’s failed leaders … and yet it remains hopeful about the redemptive possibilities of a new generation.” Helon Habila, author of Oil on Water

"Obioma writes with gorgeous restraint reminiscent of the intricate prose in a Tolstoy novella. Every sentence delivers a precise and heartfelt blow. Hardly anyone writing today is delivering this level of intricacy, lyricism and control.  Add to that, the urgency and importance of his message. It just doesn't get better than this. Get used to the name: Obioma is here to stay." Alexandra Fuller, author of Don´t Let´s Go To the Dogs Tonight     
“A mighty fry-up of pop-culture, fable and verbal invention.” New Statesman

“In a first novel full of deceptive simplicity, lyrical language and playful Igbo mythology and humour, he uses the madman’s apocalyptic vision for the family as a way of conjuring up Nigeria’s senseless body politic ... This is an impressive and beautifully imagined work.” The Economist
“I find the author Chigozie Obioma to be formidably articulate and with great talent. I believe that he has it in him to become one of the best writers of the upcoming crop of young African authors.” Nuruddin Farah, Nobel prize nominee, author of From A Crooked Rib

“Seamlessly interweaving the everyday and the elemental, Obioma’s strange, imaginative debut … probes the nature of belief and the power of family bonds … his novel succeeds as a convincing modern narrative and as a majestic reimagining of timeless folklore.” Publishers Weekly  

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