Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

“A powerful and compelling debut. The taboo subject of an older woman’s sexuality, portrayed with courage, skill and delicacy, is explored in the context of the criminal underworld and the corrupt politics that exploits it. This is a novel to be savoured.” Zoe Wicomb, author of October and Chair of Judges, Caine Prize for African Writing

“A rich and vibrant novel with shades of brutality, romance and the pressures of a close knit community.” Leila Aboulela, author of The Kindness of Enemies

“This is a brave and important novel which shocks and excites in equal measure with its echoes of Marquez, Soyinka and Ben Okri.” Tori Kan, poet and novelist

“A haunting story of forbidden love trying to survive in the midst of social and political violence; of obligation versus personal freedom; of desire and death. Vivid characters, good dialogues and a strong sense of location are the perfect ingredients.” Veronique Tajo, author of As The Crow Flies

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