A great review of Tiny Sunbirds

Check out this great review of Christie Watson's Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away by activist and blogger Ekine Sokari:

If literature represents a nation’s consciousness, that is, an awakening, then the Niger Delta has finally begun to seep into the minds of Nigerians: Ayo Akinfe’s “Fueling the Delta Fires”, Helon Habila’s “Oil on Water”, the yet unpublished graphic novel, “Light Sweet Crude”, a collaboration between Kenneth Coker and Chris Feliciano Arnold; and Christie Watson’s, “Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away”.

Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away is many stories which dance around one central story. Rather like an English maypole where dancers perform circle dances whilst they move in a circle. A little complicated with occasional dizzying junctures which destabilize the center. At the center is the narrator, 12-year old Blessing. Around her is her family: parents, sibling and grandparents; and outside them, the people who live, work and struggle in the Niger Delta.

Read the complete review here. And for more writing by Ekine, visit her blog at: http://www.blacklooks.org

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