Children's books are a rising force

All over the world, books for children and young adults are gaining in popularity. In the UK, which is celebrating Children's Book Week from today until Sunday, October 9th, 2011, sales for the first half of 2011 were worth overall £143million.

In Nigeria, the rise of children's literature is marked by the entries in this year's NLNG Nigeria Prize for Literature and one of our books, Eno's Story, is a finalist.  Young Adult literature is taking off as well, with sales of books for teens also on the rise.

So, we're encouraging parents to get at the forefront of the trend.  The best way for parents to inspire a love of reading in their children is to read to them from an early age and continue to provide books for them throughout their lives.

We realize that parents are often on a limited budget. If a parent must choose between books and food, there is no competition. But when we as parents have the finances to buy our children gifts, too often we will choose a toy or a new dress over a book.

There are plenty of high-quality books being written for children here in Nigeria. So consider picking up some new books today, and be on the lookout for new children's titles coming from us. And then read them to your child, or encourage your children to read them on their own. There is no greater gift that you can give.


  • I totally agree with you on that my sister. My daughter has gotten so used to being read to that she insists I read to her every night, else she will not sleep! As inconvenient as this can be sometimes, I always oblige her cause I know it will really help her.

    She started reading the Queen primer (remember queen primer?) before she was four. She’s four years and 2 months now and just yesterday she wrote a complete sentence on an exercise book and came to show me!

    I felt like I had been rewarded for all my efforts at reading to my daughter, even at inconvenient times.
    I urge all parents to try and read to and with their child any chance they get. It would really go a long way to helping them learn to read early.

    Posted by Demi F.O on October 26, 2011
  • Excellent information! I have been browsing for something such as this for a while currently. Many thanks!

    Posted by Eusebio on January 31, 2012

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