A short story by Helon Habila

Helon Habila, author of Measuring Time, has written a moving piece for the UK Guardian in commemoration of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in the United States on September 11th, 2001.

The story is part of the UK Guardian's wide-ranging literary project looking at how, ten years afterwards, 9/11 has shaped our imaginations. The project, called 9/11 Stories, will be presenting works from writers from all over the world to examine what has changed over the course of the last decade.

It is a lovely story, written by a master storyteller. Enjoy it and then check out his other titles at our website, www.cassavarepublic.biz.


  • This book seems very interesting. I need to know from where I could get the full story in pdf format for my project.

    Thank you
    Gayani Wickramasinghe

    Posted by Gayani Wickramasinghe on May 28, 2012

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