Falling out of love with books

On a July 15 post in African Arguments, Diana Jeater examines why its becoming harder to find books in Zimbabwe, the nation with the highest literacy rates in Africa. 

First Jeater examines the decline of the Zimbabwe International Book Fair, which until the 2000's was the premier marketplace for publishers from all over the contitnent to meet and trade rights. It was also where writers could gather and discuss their craft and the public could come and buy books.

However, with the political instability of the last 10 years, the festival has declined, writers and publishers have turned to online sources to aid their need for collaboration. At the same time, bookstores have stopped carrying literary books, as the public no longer demands them.

Jeater concludes: "Despite the high literacy rates, people no longer seem to love books in Zimbabwe."

Read the full article here.


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