A word about our children's books

Cassava Republic Press wants to inspire Nigerians, and Africans as a whole, to read good literature – just for the fun of it. However, we realize that parents are often on a limited budget. If a parent must choose between books and food, there is no competition.
But when we as parents do buy books, too often they are works written and printed outside the country, featuring unfamiliar characters and unfamiliar settings. We justify it by saying that these books are classics of superior quality.

There is no denying that works by Enid Blyton, Dr. Seuss and Roald Dahl are perennial delights. However, when we concentrate exclusively on such works, we are inadvertently raising children who will grow up never seeing themselves reflected in their own literature. These are children who will believe that Africans can’t write children’s books, because they have never read one.

We at Cassava Republic believe that children should stretch their minds to contain the world, but not at the expense of their heritage. There are many successful African authors living within and outside the country and we believe that young Nigerians, young Africans should have greater access to their work.

Most of our books are great for children and teenagers. In fact, eight of our children’s books are currently on the national curriculum for primary schools, as approved by NERDC. Another of our books, Eno’s Story, is currently being considered for the Akwa Ibom State curriculum.
We hope that you will consider picking up some of our books and reading them to your children, or encouraging your children to read them on their own.

There is no greater gift that you can give to your child.


  • You are doing a great work at cassava. I sent a mail to you about a week ago asking if cassava has programs for budding writers i.e a school where writers are being trained and how much does it cost? Thanks

    Posted by Egbeyinka olusegun on June 24, 2011
  • Chinelo, you could not have said this any better. Our biggest challenge in education in West Africa is the creation of original content, something we are also trying to do at the African Virtual School [www.africanvirtualschool.com]. Which of these would you prefer your children to learn:

    a) Share £26 between Peter and Sally in the ratio 3: 1 or
    b) Ifeoma and Stella are sharing NGN 3000 in the ratio 3:2 …

    Lots of books cover option a. We have to write the option b books and record them if need be, see this { http://www.youtube.com/africanvirtualschool#p/a/u/0/ASLe-d7AH8c ]

    PS: Have you considered offering your books in digital format?

    Posted by Wilf on June 26, 2011

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