To MFA or not to MFA

Some argue that writing programs, such as a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, are a great way for young authors to develop their craft. However, there is some debate about this. Graduates of such programs aren't often enthusiastic about thier prospects. And many complain that the writing produced by these programs, which often consist of workshops where other students review one's work, are unimaginative.

For many writers in the developing world, this debate is a little bit beyond their scope. Outside the United States, there are few institutionalized ways of learning how to write. So for those who can't access the ivory towers of creative writing, Galley Cat gives 5 alternatives to graduate school for would-be writers and Flavorwire gives its own (much less serious) career paths.

Ultimately, writing is intensely personal and the paths taken to success are as wide and varied as the writers themselves. The MFA route is only one of a number of ways.


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