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In the latest edition of Sentinel Nigeria Magazine, journalist and editor Abubakar Adam Ibrahim discusses the growing trend among Nigerian writers to tell stories outside of the context of their ethnic backgrounds.

He notes that in the past, most writers stuck closely to their areas of expertise; they wrote what and where they knew. To the point that some writers, taking that to its logical extreme, have ended up distorting history in favour of inherited regional biases. 

He notes: 

Whereby it is important, neigh critical, that the writer should write what he knows, what then stops the writer from knowing more, instead of being content with an incomplete picture?

While it is true that one should mine one's own personal experiences for the most powerful novels, Cassava Republic Press supports Mr. Ibrahim's premise. We agree that sometimes, writers working within their areas of expertise can inadvertently pass on stereotypes and generalizations which can distort their narratives and cost them their reader's trust.

Contemporary writers everywhere are discarding the notion that they must stay within their narrow areas of expertise and Nigerian authors should be no different.

We celebrate authors who are not afraid to tell new stories. And so should you.


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