Egypt: Publishing amidst revolution

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The Cairo International Book Fair, one of the largest in the Arab world, was cancelled following the unrest in Egypt in the last few weeks. It is a huge disruption to many publishers in the region who depend on it and other events like it to sell their books and make valuable contacts.

In addition on Tuesday, Dar El Shorouk, the chairman of one of Egypt’s largest publishing houses, said groups loyal to President Hosni Mubarak tried to attack the offices of his independent newspaper, Al Shorouk.

All of this is leading Cassava Republic Press to ask if publishers have a role to play in such political uprisings. Already, some (such as the publishers rushing to publish opposition leader, Mohamed ElBaradei's memoirs) are seeing an opportunity to profit from the crisis. Others, however are asking deeper questions about censorship.

Where do you stand?


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