Hitting the right goals

As you drag yourselves out of the long slumber of the holidays and start bundling the kids off to school, we at Cassava Republic want to start you on right foot. That's why we are recomending a lovely new addition to your bedtime reading routine.

The Yellow Mosquito Net

Grace and Kemi are having a bad day. The two are late for football practice and Grace just fell into an open gutter. But something special is happening on the field that might make this day - and their whole lives - a little bit brighter.

With the help of Coach, and a very annoying girl named Zara, Grace and Kemi learn that nets can be used for more than just scoring goals.

Fatima Akilu's entertaining story and Mustapha Balama's delicate illustrations highlight the importance of malaria prevention in an accessible book that your kids will come to treasure.

Look out for rest of the series:


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