A holiday wish from Cassava Republic

The theme of the recently-concluded Garden City Literary Festival was “50 years of post-colonial literature.” The four-day festival featured an awards ceremony, in which 50 of the nation’s top writers, playwrights and poets were honoured for their contributions to literature in the country.

However, of the 50 people listed, only 16 of them were women. The list was meant to be “representative of the community of Nigerian writers,” but this lack of women exposed a fundamental flaw in the nation’s literary landscape.

We believe that women have a unique contribution to the nation’s literature, highlighting aspects of the Nigerian experience not often covered by men. The last half century of writing by the most populous country on the continent has been dominated and shaped by men, but that is changing.

Currently, Cassava Republic press has 17 authors on its list and of that number, 12 are women. With several more new writers joining our family in the next year, Cassava Republic is working to even out the balance.

We're making a resolution that a survey of Nigerian writers in the next 50 years will show a fuller, more nuanced literary landscape.

We want to thank you readers for all your support; we couldn't have done it without you. We are looking forward to an exciting new year.


  • I prefer version 2 but. A short description of the book should have been given..

    Posted by adlawceo on January 27, 2011

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