Read review of 'Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives'

Read a review of the Nigerian version of poet Lola Shoneyin’s novel “The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives,” here.

The book, which has won rave reviews in the United States and the United Kingdom, describes the upheaval that follows when polygamist Baba Segi marries his fourth wife, Bolanle.  A graduate amongst the other semi-literate wives, Bolanle, is hated from the start. Worse, her arrival threatens to do more than simply ruffle feathers. She's unwittingly set to expose a secret that her co-wives intend to protect, at all costs.

Known for her poetry, this is Shoneyin’s first novel, and it is a light and ironic exposé of the rotten innards of Baba Segi's polygamous household. In this cleverly-plotted story, Shoneyin shows how women in contemporary Nigeria can be restricted, controlled and damaged by the men in their lives. Copies of the book will soon be available at bookshops in Lagos, Abuja and at the Cassava Republic website:


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