Hidden Star

Click on the link for a nice review of K. Sello Duiker The Hidden Star.  I saw a young guy the other day at Ceddi plaza here in Abuja reading our edition of this book.  I was really chuffed.

I asked him what he thought about it.  He said “I really really like it.  It is funny and sad.  Can you imagine living with the wrong mother.  ‘Four Eyes’ is just like me."  I was so very happy to see a teenager reading one of our books.

I told him that I was the publisher of the book in Nigeria.  He then asked,  ‘how did he die? I would have liked for him to come and talk to our book club’.  I was not expecting that question.  I couldn’t decide whether to tell him the truth or not, so I lied and said I didn’t know.  Then he said,  ‘since he is dead, do you mind auto(ing) the book for me’. I take auto(ing) to be a slang for autographing.  I willingly obliged feeling like a fraud and star all at once.   Anyway, you should go out and get your own copy and be transported to the world of magic and adventure..


  • well i think the novel is great. i didn’t actually read it but somone next to me did and from the full story telling i got i fell it was great.

    Posted by kastro on April 09, 2010

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