The 50% import tariff on books threatens Nigerian publishing to the core

The Federal Government of Nigeria has just announced a 20% duty on printed books (+30% levy). This means that imported books face a 50% import tariff. Nigerian publishers wishing to sell well made books printed on good quality paper are forced to print overseas, given the very poor quality of printing services in Nigeria. This announcement is a terrible blow for Nigerian publishers. It will become impossible to continue to produce and buy good quality books in Nigeria and make life close to unbearable for local publishers. We are facing a return to the SAP era where publishers will close shop. What on earth were they thinking? They should revert back to 0% duty for imprinted books and remove all duties on paper for local printers.


  • They are not thinking at all.

    Posted by obi anuonye on May 07, 2014
  • What were they thinking? NOTHING obviously.

    Posted by Sifa on April 26, 2014

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